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May 2011

Empire Avenue Wisdom 023 – Mondays

by THE INFLUENCIER on May 16, 2011 •  comment

Empire Avenue Daily Investment Wisdom 023

Monday is a day for buying, not for selling.

(Editor’s Note: Original Post Date – December 6, 2010)
Monday is a day when many stocks are slipping into the yellow or even the red as their ticker scrolls across your screen. Just like in the real world, the Empire Avenue market moves in cycles. One of the cycles that is evident, is the general downturn of share prices across the board on Mondays, related to the fact many people have reduced activity over the weekend. Even influencers who were active over the weekend may experience a drop in share price as the effects of “global market gravity” conspire to tug their stock gently back to earth. This presents the savvy investor with an opportunity to snatch up some real bargains. On Mondays, graphs can be your best investment advisor. Look for some solid stocks with a steady rise over time that have dipped slightly over the weekend. Throw some eaves in and increase your holdings, before they resume their regular weekday activity and the share price begins to climb again.


Empire Avenue Wisdom 032 – Pay It Forward

by THE INFLUENCIER on May 14, 2011 •  4 comments

Pay it Forward During [X]PENDAPALOOZA

The members (allegedly) of a group ([X]) that may (or may not) exist are sponsoring a special Empire Avenue event today (for the next few hours). During [X]PENDAPLOOZA, the likes of  John (allegedly) Gushue (e)GUSHUE, Cindy (allegedly) Smith (e)REIGN,  Darren (allegedly) MacEachern (e)ANGLER, Omar (allegedly) Habayeb (e)OKMMH, Ben (allegedly) Arledge (e)BEN, Michael (allegedly) Walker (e)EDM, Adriel (allegedly) Hampton (e)ADRIEL, and others (allegedly) are buying (big) into anyone who asks (for real). In exchange, you are encouraged to pay it forward and use the eaves you receive to build community by investing in others, making new connections, and meeting new people, rather than reciprocating a buy back in these generous (very) folks.

The first two hours of [X]pendapalooza have been insane, with millions of eaves flying back and forth across Empire Avenue in new investments. To join in the fun, post your Ticker in the [X]Bar Facebook Group [X]pendapalooza thread and visit the [X]Bar Chat on Empire Avenue.


Empire Avenue Wisdom 031 – Embrace Superstition

by THE INFLUENCIER on May 13, 2011 •  13 comments

EAvWisely 031 - Embrace Superstition

Embrace Superstition

The fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia and let me be the first to say, that’s a friggin’ hard word to spell, let alone pronounce. Much like the last name of Empire Avenue CEO and semi-professional couch surfing champion Duleepa “Dups’ Wijayawardhana (e)DUPS.

Now, in most parts of the world, Friday the 13th is synonymous with bad luck or that one movie where those teenagers definitely kill that dude wearing the mask (Awesome flick. Somebody should make a sequel.) However, on Empire Avenue, Friday the 13th means only one thing — Secret Achievement time!

In any given year, Friday the 13th appears on the calendar at least once, but no more than 3 times. This year, it only happens once. Your next opportunity to unlock this achievement won’t roll around again until January 2012. It’s now or never if you want to snag this rare gem. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Ultimate Empire Avenue Chrome Extension

by THE INFLUENCIER on May 10, 2011 •  17 comments

Empire Avenue Chrome ExtensionsThe ULTIMATE Empire Avenue
Google Chrome Extension
For Firefox, IE9, Safari and Opera*

Want the inside track to Empire Avenue wealth and riches? Want to supercharge your eaves and dividends? Looking for the absolute best way to separate non-performing Empire Avenue stocks from Rising Rockstars? Intense Apps, creators of Intense Trader, the all-time best-selling Empire Avenue iPhone App, have just announced the release of The ULTIMATE Empire Avenue Google Chrome Extension for Firefox, IE9, Safari and Opera.*

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