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BREAKING: Interpol Expands Investigation

by THE INFLUENCIER on September 23, 2010 •  2 comments

Empire Avenue BREAKING NEWSWilliam Pitcher named as “Person of Interest”

MISSISSAUGA, ON 4:18PM CSTAn unnamed source close to the investigation has confirmed to THE INFLUENCIER that Empire Avenue is indeed under investigation by the Interpol Cybercrime Division in relation to the recent system-wide outage of the popular social networking and ex-girlfriend stalking site, Facebook. According to the source, Empire Avenue has been the target of a covert investigation for some time now, as evidenced by a surveillance photo that surfaced in a recently published National Post article.

THE INFLUENCIER has also learned that the esteemed William Pitcher (e)RZR, founder of  The Empire Building Network has been named as a “Person of Interest” in the investigation as well. It would appear that an unknown number of persons (or animals maybe) are in cahoots with Mr. Pitcher. Their plan: to sabotage Facebook, a popular social networking site used to share photos that will eventually be the reason you didn’t get the job, and redirect traffic to the social networking site of upstart Canadian startup, Empire Avenue. Mr. Pitcher was caught red-handed when he released this tweet:

More to come as events unfold.

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William Pitcher - RZR on Empire Avenue September 23, 2010 at 5:11 pm

Umm…ah…well…Facebook is back up.

THE INFLUENCIERTicker: September 23, 2010 at 5:13 pm

Did your lawyer say it was okay to comment on this story? If so, I’d get a new lawyer before the trial if I were you. Just sayin.

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