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Empire Avenue Wisdom 022 – Think

by THE INFLUENCIER on December 2, 2010 •  4 comments

Empire Avenue Wisdom 021 - Think

Think before you tweet. Think before you buy. Think before you tweet what you buy.

When you buy shares of someone, Empire Avenue allows you to share the news of your investment with the world via a an auto tweet at the time of purchase — something which, for the purposes of this post, I’m going to call an “Investment Tweet

To prevent this feature from becoming an abusive and endless stream of twitter spam, you are limited to six of these tweets each day. Some would argue that even six is too many, but that’s a topic for another day.

If you do tweet your purchases, have you given any intentional thought to how you employ this feature most effectively? Are you achieving the maximum return with these 140 character morsels of Empire Avenue activity bits? What follows are 10 strategies for achieving maximum return from auto-tweeting your investments on Empire Avenue.

10 Ways to Use Investment Tweets for Maximum Return

1. Tweet to Motivate

When you make your purchase, the person in whom you invested receives a notification within Empire Avenue indicating did so. Some people follows these alerts closely, while others, myself included, do not. Contrary to what some might think, I am not continuously logged in to Empire Avenue. When I do sign into Empire Avenue, the notification that you made a purchase may get lost in the mix with the deluge of other notifications that accumulate over time. If I’ve received a dozen buy notifications and I’ve only got time to make 3 buys before rushing out the door to my day job, that’s bad news for you. However, if I am at my computer, I will usually have TweetDeck running, and am much more likely to notice your purchase in me if you tweet it. I’m also much more likely to sign in to Empire Avenue right then and there and return the favor. Which brings me to number two…

2. Tweet the Now

Common sense tells you that someone who is tweeting away or signed in to Empire Avenue actively buying stocks is much more likely to invest in you than someone who is away from their computer, out walking their dog or sleeping. Follow the #EAv hashtag on twitter and watch the skybar at the bottom of the Empire Avenue screen. If you want a buyback, tweet purchases of people who are at their computers, right now, playing the game.

3. Go for the Gold

Given that someone will more likely invest in you if they are alerted to the fact that you invested in them, and given the fact that you are limited to 6 tweets, carefully choose your target. Someone with a bucketful of eaves to burn is a much better choice than someone with a 0.00 bank balance. Check out the overall wealth vs. the portfolio value of a particular person. If those balances are equal (or close to it) they’ve already invested everything they’ve got, and have little fluidity for new investments. If you are going to tweet a purchase, choose someone with cash on hand who can make an investment without having to sell shares they already own.

4. Stand Out From the Crowd

After seeing so many investments auto-tweeted, I find myself becoming blind to the boilerplate text within. I find myself tuning out by the time I get to “I invested 974e in…” I move on to the next item in my twitter stream, not noticing who you bought or who you were. Shake things up a little bit, edit the tweet and make it your own, add some zazz. For example, if I make an exceptionally large investment, I might change the tweet to read:

“BOOM! I invested A GAZILLION EAVES in Claire McGonigal (e)CMCG because she is FULL OF AWESOME at #EAvBuy”

Yes, it takes a little bit extra time, but you can have some fun with it, and others just might notice you. Claire will definitely notice you.

5. Space ‘Em Out

This builds on the previous item. If you’re about to post 6 investment tweets in a row, please stop. If you’re lucky, I read three quarters of the way through your first one before tuning out. You won’t be so lucky with the next five. If you’re going to tweet buys, tweet one in the morning, tweet one later in the day, tweet another in the evening.

6. Tweet Twitter Index Buys Of Your Friends, Because Justin Bieber Isn’t Joining Empire Avenue.

Hate to break it to you, but the Biebs, Gaga and Snoop are not joining Empire Avenue. Neither are corporate entities like @CNNBRK or @NBA. Tweeting buys in these celebs or organizations isn’t going to get them to reinvest in you. Also, everyone else has bought them. We know. However, you do have friends and colleagues that will enjoy Empire Avenue as much as you do. Tweet your buys in them, and when they ask you what the heck that random #EAvBuy tweet was that you mentioned them in, encourage them to check out Empire Avenue and sign up. If they join, you’ll see multiple benefits — you’ll be able to buy more than 50 shares, their dividends will go up and fatten your bankroll, and once addicted, they will no longer question why you have bags under your eyes from lack of sleep. They will understand. Oh, yes, they will.

7. Tweet Twitter Index Buys to “It-Getters” and Get Empire Avenue Noticed

Those of you who have been around for a few months may remember a period of days this June affectionately known as “The Chilean Avalanche” For those of you new to Empire Avenue, thanks to one Carolina Millan (e)MILLAN, and a story about Empire Avenue broadcast on CNN Chile, Empire Avenue went viral overnight in Chile. The energy and excitement infused into Empire Avenue by the influx was nothing short of spectacular. And, there was a fortune to be made by investing in and receiving investments from the flood of new arrivals. I would love to see that scenario repeated over and over, and with the advent of the Twitter Index, that has become a real possibility. Tweeting buys in “It-Getters” affiliated with tech blogs, news organizations and other notable personae could very well lead to one of them checking into Empire Avenue to see what all the buzz is about. If one of them does a story on Empire Avenue, well that’s good for all of us. Personally, I would love to see a show like the Colbert Report give a shout out to #EAv. Tweeting to some Comedy Central familiars like @StephenAtHome @Hodgman or @kristenschaaled might lead to that happening. Or it might not.

8. Creatively Tweet Twitter Index Buys to Get Yourself Noticed

In my opinion, the Twitter Index is a stroke of marketing genius by the Empire Avenue gang. It’s a creative way to draw attention to the Empire Avenue site across a wide audience. It can also be used as a creative way to draw attention to yourself. Looking for a sponsor for your blog? Find out who coordinates the the twitter account or social media marketing department for the company you’d like as a sponsor. Invest in them and tweet it. Want a job as a social media marketer for a local small business? Invest in them on the Twitter Index and tweet it. As Empire Avenue CEO Duleepa Wijayawardhana (e)DUPS has related on numerous occasions, buying or investing in someone creates a connection that is a “value-based,” it can be a more powerful action then that of “friending” or “following” someone. Be creative in your writing and your tweets may open the door and start a dialogue that leads to a deeper relationship or lucrative connection.

9. Tweet Smaller Purchases of the Same Stock Over Time.

If you want someone to notice you, instead of buying the maximum in them and tweeting that investment once, buy smaller amounts, and tweet those buys over the course of several days. Repeated exposure over a longer period of time will keep you in their consciousness, and after a few days, your dedication and prolonged interest in them, may pique their curiosity in you (or in the case of Twitter Index buys, in Empire Avenue).

10. Fill In The Blank

My hope is this post “got the gears turning” inside your head and is sparking some creative, outside-the-box thinking on how you can use the investment auto-tweet feature for maximum effect. I would love to hear your ideas and strategies you think might be effective, so fill in the blank in the comments below and let’s make some noise.

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Jeff December 3, 2010 at 12:02 am

Dude, great post. I really enjoyed it! Thanks for the heads up. I’m new to EAv, just started 6 days ago, and am still trying to figure this stuff out. I couldn’t find hardly any info on EAv anywhere else on the internet. See you on the Avenue!


THE INFLUENCIERTicker: December 3, 2010 at 11:09 am

Hey Jeff, Welcome to Empire Avenue! Glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, #Eav can be a little overwhelming at first, but it gets easier after a while. Lots of information to digest. I occasionally post “helpful” information here on THE INFLUENCIER, more often then not though, the posts lean more to the ridiculous, hyperbolic, and tongue-in-cheek.

Best advice is to follow the #EAv hashtag, lots of helpful users out there. If you have a question, just tweet it, someone is bound to have some ideas. A couple of good folks to follow/ blogs to check out for info and tips are Bill Pitcher (e)RZR @EmpireBuilding, Claire McGonigal (e)CMCG @ClaireMcGonigal, Brent Knowles (e)WRITER @yourothermind and Adriel Hampton (e)ADRIEL @AdrielHampton or any of the links over to the side here.

You can see another list of Empire Avenue related blogs and tips on the official Empire Avenue Planet page: Look under the “Fansites” tab.

Adriel HamptonTicker: December 4, 2010 at 11:31 am

Fantastic post, Doug, as usual! Great suggestions for maximizing Twitter Index value.

THE INFLUENCIERTicker: December 4, 2010 at 11:36 am

Thanks Adriel, any ideas for using those pesky auto-tweets you want to add to the mix?

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