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Empire Avenue Wisdom 031 – Embrace Superstition

by THE INFLUENCIER on May 13, 2011 •  13 comments

EAvWisely 031 - Embrace Superstition

Embrace Superstition

The fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia and let me be the first to say, that’s a friggin’ hard word to spell, let alone pronounce. Much like the last name of Empire Avenue CEO and semi-professional couch surfing champion Duleepa “Dups’ Wijayawardhana (e)DUPS.

Now, in most parts of the world, Friday the 13th is synonymous with bad luck or that one movie where those teenagers definitely kill that dude wearing the mask (Awesome flick. Somebody should make a sequel.) However, on Empire Avenue, Friday the 13th means only one thing — Secret Achievement time!

In any given year, Friday the 13th appears on the calendar at least once, but no more than 3 times. This year, it only happens once. Your next opportunity to unlock this achievement won’t roll around again until January 2012. It’s now or never if you want to snag this rare gem. Let’s get started, shall we?

How do you earn the Friday the 13th Secret Achievement?

Good question. Let’s start with what we know. (e)DUPS has previously stated that Secret Achievements do not require you to spend any eaves in order to earn them. The idea being that anyone can earn Secret Achievements, regardless of the size of their bank account, or in (e)JOSH’s case, their dividend. Secret Achievements are a nice, level playing field for all to enjoy. UPDATE: Earlier this morning (e)DUPS tweeted that the Friday the 13th achievement was changed to make it *slightly* easier to unlock. So spending eaves and making purchases is back on the table.

What else do we know? Not much, other than there has only been one previous opportunity to earn this Secret Achievement back in August of 2010, and no one successfully unlocked the Friday the 13th that time around.

Some interesting ideas have been thrown around in various Empire Avenue communities, EAv Chats, and facebook groups that might be worth trying:

  • Leave 13 shouts on 13 different profiles
  • Give 13 thumbs up to someone
  • Add 13 people to your watch list
  • Increase or decrease your watch list to 13 stocks in all
  • Have 13 people leave shouts on your profile
  • Change your status 13 times
  • Have 13 people buy 13 shares of you (note: you are not the one spending any eaves)

Back in the dark ages, Empire Avenue User ID’s were assigned in numerical order. Long time player Ron Heigh (e)PWND has suggested that the answer lies in buying 13 shares of him, as he was the 13th user to have joined Empire Avenue. Unfortunately, this theory runs counter to what (e)DUPS has stated previously about having to spend eaves to earn Secret Achievements. That’s not to say you shouldn’t invest in (e)PWND, just don’t expect to get any achievement for it, other than a tall frosty glass of #SharePriceJuice. unless you do something else as well.

One of the more intriguing ideas that THE INFLUENCIER would like to offer, revolves around the Empire Avenue Staff’s fondness for all things Irish. For the uninitiated, each of the major phases of Empire Avenue program code has been named for a town in Ireland, beginning in beta with Athenry and moving through Belfast, Cork, Dublin, and Erindale. As of this writing, the current Empire Avenue iteration is named Kilkenny. If you’d like to know the origins of this naming convention, grab a pint of Guinness and check out this blog post crafted by (e)DUPS, back when blogs were written on parchment, with a feather quill dipped in ink made from crushed boisenberries.

So, consider this: Samuel Beckett, a well-known, nobel prize winning poet, playright and author of Waiting for Godot, happens to be Irish. And, he happens to have been born on Friday 13th. Anybody feel like wishing Mr. Beckett a “Happy Birthday” with a shout out on their profile?

Yes, I’m just spitballin’ here, but that’s part of the fun of chasing down Secret Achievements. So, what say you? Any brilliant epiphanies on how to slay the Giant Leprechaun known as the Friday the 13th? Post your brainstorms, failures and successes in the comments.


The comments below may contain actual solutions to unlocking Secret Achievements. Then again, they may contain information that is incorrect and/or about as helpful as a bowl of pudding. Consider yourself warned. Proceed with caution.

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