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Has Empire Avenue Gone to the Dogs?

by THE INFLUENCIER on September 3, 2011 •  2 comments

Empire Avenue Wisdom 34

Has Empire Avenue Gone to the Dogs?

In a recent blog article, Empire Avenue CEO and semi-professional zombie hunter, Duleepa Wijayawardhana (e)DUPS, announced that the top 100 Stocks in Empire Avenue have performed better than the sluggish Dow Jones Industrial Average and it’s hipster cousin, the NASDAQ, over the past 5 months. Dups even put down his zombie-smashing, nail-adorned, baseball bat for a moment to “prove” his boastful boasting with a pretty little graph.

DUPSYeah, right. The phrase, “Figures lie and liars figure” comes to mind. Do I need to remind you, dear reader, that these so-called “facts” come from a man who’s nickname and twitter handle is short for “Duplicitous?” (Not to mention he “embroiders” this “name” on all his pillow “shams”). All Dups is attempting to do is put perfume on a huge, steaming pile of doggie doo.

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