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Empire Avenue Wisdom 009

by THE INFLUENCIER on October 6, 2010 •  3 comments

Empire Avenue Wisdom 009 - Jump in the Dragon's Hot Tub

Jump in the Dragon’s Hot Tub. (e)SLEEP #HotDragon


Empire Avenue Wisdom 008

by THE INFLUENCIER on October 5, 2010 •  2 comments

Empire Avenue Wisdom 008 - Flirt with (e)SLEEP

Flirt with (e)SLEEP.


An Epic Empire Avenue Battle of Wits and Twits

by THE INFLUENCIER on September 25, 2010 •  7 comments

The Dragon's Tournament on Empire Avenue. It's Hot!Today, the Dragon’s Tournament, an epic battle of wits and twits, er, I mean tweets, has been raging amongst members of The Dragon’s Cave — the hottest personal community on Empire Avenue. The Flaming Dragon (e)SLEEP, current share price leader and Queen of Da Cave, is holding the contest in order to find a knight worthy of serving by her side as King of Da Cave. Earlier this evening, the final feat of bravery, wit and cunning was announced by (e)SLEEP and is now underway.

Competitors and spectators have gathered from across the globe to witness and participate in the challenge, including Jordan Hodges (e)JORDNH, Jitesh Panchal (e)UNS33N, Olivier Lussier (e)OL, Gina Montana (e)21GUNS, Bill Sellers (e)BILL, Darcy Kiernan (e)SCUBA, Olivier Gagnon (e)GAGNON, Allie Wojtaszek (e)ALLIE, Lyne Robichaud (e)PAPIER, Adriel Hampton (e)ADRIEL and the evil Kyle Giesbrecht (e)DOOD.

Like a wandering minstrel of yore, THE INFLUENCIER now offers a musical tribute to the valiant participants in this noble quest.

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