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UPDATE: Squirrel Search in Full Swing

by THE INFLUENCIER on August 7, 2010 •  1 comment

Empire Avenue Squirrel SagaEdmonton, Alberta 12:15PM CST – The search for aggravated acorn admirer Sir Rudiger Esquirel (e)SQRL and his posse of pistachio-nut pilferers is underway at Empire Avenue. Eyewitness reports have been trickling into THE INFLUENCIER through out the night and into the morning. Resident Empire Avenue pro and famed “Unicorn Whisperer”  Fray Close (e)POOKA was one of the first to encounter one of the relentless rodents. Close remarked,

“I lured him out with peanuts… ‘Heeeeeeeere little guy.’ I am the Unicorn Whisperer, I can handle a smart-talking squirrel.”

Chris Buzon (e)EVIL also found himself face-to-face on Friday in a fateful faceoff with the frisky, furry, freedom-loving fiend. Chris related his experience to THE INFLUENCIER from the comfort of a newly-built couch-cushion fort:

“I was at home yesterday, building a fort out of couch cushions, as I usually do on a Friday evening. I checked facebook to be sure that nobody had decided to plan a couch-fort raid – and there it was! An update from *the man* – the workers had begun to rebel. I immediately got in contact with Sir Rudiger and gave him my support – he and I have similar views on the invasive nature of tree-forts (this is why I prefer the couch variety). Once I identified his location, I aided him by helping fund his coup. I purchased the maximum allowed number of shared, and bid him the best of luck.”

THE INFLUENCIER reminds our readers that if you encounter (e)SQRL click on him before he gets away and help Empire Avenue end this rodent ridculousness. If you are successful in catching him, Empire Avenue will reward you with Eavs and a special achievement award, pictured below:

Empire Avenue Achievement: You've caught a Suirrel

THE INFLUENCIER will continue to follow this story as events unfold. If you have an eyewitness encounter with one of the squirrels and would like to share it, send a Private Message on Empire Avenue to (e)DARING

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